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Hear Drake’s Lustful Hook on OB O’Brien’s ‘2 On/Thotful’

Bearded OVO associate enlists boss for Tinashe remix

You know that funny bearded guy who shows up in a bunch of Drake’s videos? As Chart Attack uncovered at the end of last year, he’s actually a rapper and producer in his own right. Matthew “OB” O’Brien is a Hamilton, Ontario native who befriended a young Aubrey Graham near the end of his run on Degrassi. And now Drizzy’s decided to lend a helping hand on a new O’Brien track called “2 On/Thotful,” a remix of Tinashe’s “2 On.”

The OVO boss handles the lustful chorus and turns in a verse of his own in the midst of O’Brien’s dead-eyed stoner bars. The whole thing isn’t too dissimilar to Drake’s recent Lil Wayne collab, though a diminished Wayne there arguably outshines OB here. While the star unsurprisingly steals this show, O’Brien does drop some agile lines on “Hazelton Trump,” another solo track released alongside this one on OVOSound. You can stream and download both tracks below.