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Watch Default Genders’ Majestically Disillusioned New Video

Default Genders, "Everything Is a Lie and Everyone Is Completely Full of Shit," stream, video, Dead Girlfriends, Elite Gymnastics, James Brooks

Everything James Brooks has released since now-defunct duo Elite Gymnastics has been worth checking out, and though the songwriter and producer’s project names have changed, that much hasn’t. Last year, Brooks started an online firestorm when he started recording as Dead Girlfriends and, after Pitchfork bestowed its Best New Track distinction on anti-patriarchy screed “On Fraternity,” he became a poster child for mansplaining (SPIN assembled an all-female roundtable to discuss the self-released track). Brooks switched monikers again, to Default Genders, and told SPIN he’d “completely failed” in the song’s goals — but he also noted that despite being criticized for appropriation, he was singing from painful experience as a sexual assault survivor. The basic contrast between skyscraping bedroom-pop backdrops and Brooks’ whispered lyrics of agonized alienation returns with Default Genders’ new video for “Everything Is a Lie and Everyone Is Completely Full of Shit,” which you can watch above. The clip indicates the song is from an upcoming 2014 release titled Magical Pessimism, which seems about right.