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Hear C.P.I.’s Acidic ‘Proceso’ via John Talabot’s Hivern Discs

Hugo Capablanca and Marc Piñol join forces, pay tribute to late-'80s EBM

Berlin meets Barcelona on the latest record from John Talabot’s Hivern Discs label — with a fantasy detour through a Belgian basement rave. The musicians behind C.P.I. are Hugo Capablanca, a Berlin-based producer with Cómeme and Gomma ties, and Marc Piñol, a former resident of Barcelona’s Nitsa Club. Not long ago, they got together to goth together in Piñol’s studio, where they came up with two deep, dark fusions of acid house and EBM.

Both songs are effective primarily in ways that don’t necessarily translate to contexts like the one we find ourselves in right now —clicking on links, browsing the web, killing time while we wait for our coffee to brew, whatever — but never mind that. Just turn up the volume, close your eyes, and drift away on an imaginary cloud of dry ice and poppers. The slow, understated “Túnel” is 15 minutes of undulating arpeggios, metallic clang, and cat-burglar beats; the more upbeat “Proceso” stakes out a position somewhere between “Shari Vari” and the rubbery derangement of recent Cómeme records. (Appropriately, Cómeme-affiliated weirdo Barnt, of Cologne’s Magazine label, turns in a glassy, Casio-toned remix of “Proceso” for good measure.)

Check out “Proceso” in full below. The EP is available now from Hivern’s Big Cartel webshop, and will be hitting shops next week.