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Courtney Love Says She ‘Obviously’ Wrote Kurt Cobain Death Scene Note

Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, confirms, note, wallet, death scene, sarcasm

It’s probably time to close the case on the cryptic note Seattle police found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet when he died. And we’re not just being sarcastic. Last month, CBS published an oddly cropped image of the never-before-seen message. The text riffing on Cobain’s marriage vows to Courtney Love led to some wild theories, but a fuller image including a promise to have sex at least once a week suggested Love — not her late husband — actually wrote the note. The author of a biography on the Nirvana frontman also attributed the writing to the Hole singer. Now she has confirmed it.

“Obviously I wrote it — don’t you guys understand sarcasm?” she told The Guardian, which describes the note as “a private, caustic joke about a sexist media that hero-worshipped Cobain while vilifying his wife, a talented artist in her own right.” She blamed the media’s role in publicizing the note, too, saying the grotesque witch-hunt “endangers me, and it endangers [Love’s press-shy daughter] Frances.”

Earlier this week, Love debuted the video for her surprise solo single “You Know My Name.” If there’s a mystery for truthers to investigate, it might be the story behind how the note appeared in the press in such weirdly truncated form. It came after the Seattle police department shared various other previously unreleased Cobain death scene photos in March. Does anybody have a phone number for the Illuminati? And no, we don’t understand sarcasm, jeez — whaddya think this is, some kind of ’90s revival?

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