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Watch Coldplay Bring ‘Ghost Stories’ to ‘SNL’

And Chris Martin pretends to plant one on host Andrew Garfield

After a releasing a couple of confounding collaborations with Avicii and Giorgio Moroder, Chris Martin and co. continued the path to their sixth studio LP Ghost Stories on Saturday Night Live

The band trotted out live versions of “Magic” and “A Sky Full of Stars,” the latter of which seems to make more sense as a live entity than as a studio team-up with Avicii. SNL musical performances are fairly notorious for their often subpar sound, but Coldplay proved to be one of the rare acts who can live up to the supposed sterility of the soundstage.

Andrew Garfield, who incidentally stars in a recently filmed Arcade Fire video, hosted the night and crossed paths with Martin in a sketch where he just can’t seem to get the kiss at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 quite right. Martin dons a wig and well, you’ll just have to see. 

 The performance of “Magic” is above. “A Sky Full of Stars” is below alongside Martin and Garfield’s skit and a sketch about what happens when you speak poorly of “Drunk In Love.”