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Colorado Symphony Launches ‘Classically Cannabis’ Concert Series

Classically Cannabis Colorado Symphony Orchestra Concert

The State of Colorado made retail sales of marijuana legal in January, and ever since they’ve been having all of the fun. Now, the Colorado Symphony is set to roll out a run of concerts dubbed “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.” In order to combat flagging audience numbers and general budgetary lack, the region’s premier orchestra is tapping into the region’s premiere burgeoning business, controversy be damned.

“The cannabis industry obviously opens the door even further to a younger, more diverse audience,” symphony CEO Jerome Kern told Associated Press. He said he’s heard objections from at least one member of his orchestra and from preexisting fans as well. Results from a poll shared today, May 5, reveal only 52 percent of Coloradans believe legalization is a boon, though 67 percent disagree that it’s “eroded the moral fiber” of residents.

The 21-and-over events are priced to weed out schwag patrons. Three ensemble concerts will be held May 23, July 18, and August 15 at Denver’s The Space Gallery for an entry fee of $75. There will be no smoking in the same room as the musicians — a private pot patio is being provided. On September 13, a likely full-symphony gig will take place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which technically doesn’t allow weed-smoking, but nobody cares.

“We try to create upscale events where people can come and enjoy some cannabis just like they would a glass of wine,” Jane West told AP. Her Edible Events Co. is one of the primary sponsors. There’s a Beethoven and Brews show coming up as well.