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Hear an Excerpt From Billy Corgan’s Experimental New Album ‘AEGEA’

Billy Corgan Release Experimental Album Aegea

When Billy Corgan isn’t jamming with Tommy Lee, he’s busy with weirder endeavors, like composing hours-long modular synth interpretations of Siddhartha and Rumi poems. To that end: Last month, Corgan announced his new, experimental solo record, AEGEA. Now, that double LP — which includes recordings that date as far back as 2007 — has dropped, alongside a brief teaser of its contents.

Posting to the Smashing Pumpkins’ website, Corgan described the album as both “meditative and alien,” qualities that can definitely be felt in the excerpt from a track simply dubbed “#3.” The first two pressings of AEGEA are available through the website for Corgan’s tea shop Madame ZuZus. Each record is hand-collated, numbered, and signed, and the first 50 are pressed on colored vinyl and fetch $59.95.

For a preview of the record, stream the excerpt from “#3” below, and scroll down further for the cover art for AEGEA.


Billy Corgan Aegea