Billy Corgan Cradles Cats on Cover of ‘PAWS Chicago’

Billy Corgan Paws Chicago Magazine Cover

This is really a thing: the tickled-pink mug of Billy Corgan cradling two adorable kittens on the cover of PAWS Chicago, the magazine put out by the region’s largest “no kill” humane organization. It gets tough keeping up with the Smashing Pumpkins boss, but amidst a handful of endeavors ranging from weird (that experimental solo album AEGEA) to weirder (that eight-hour Siddhartha synth jam) to weirdest (his wrestling reality show for AMC), but there’s nothing confusing or confounding about seeing this alt-rock icon cuddling Sammi and Mr. Thom over a headline that reads “Billy Corgan’s Siamese Dream.” Click over here to read a PDF version of the issue. Meanwhile, there are two new Pumpkins albums on the way (with Tommy Lee on drums), and a six-disc reissue of Adore to boot.

Billy Corgan Paws Chicago Magazine Cover



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