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Bars of Gold Exude Post-Punk Soul in ‘Blue Lightning’ Video

Bars of Gold 'Blue Lightning' Video Wheels

Late last year, Detroit quintet Bars of Gold made a quiet return with their album Wheels. We use the Q-word hesitantly here though — while it’s the sort of LP that’s still amassing fans, it’s hardly a calm, whispery sort of thing. Comprising members of Bear vs. Shark and Wildcatting, this modest supergroup trades in exuberant post-punk and experimental rock cut with strange soul and tangible earnestness. All which is to say that while the record’s been out for a few months, we’re plenty pleased to share the brand new video for “Blue Lightning.” Not only is it a trippy introduction to the increasingly less hirsute (keep watching) men who make up this unit, it’s a chance to open a few more ears to a slept-on gem.

Get into it above.