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Arcade Fire Explore Gender in Andrew Garfield-Starring ‘We Exist’ Video

Arcade Fire, "We Exist," Andrew Garfield, 'Refletkor,' gender identity, 'Spider-Man,' Coachella 2014

Let’s talk about gender, baby. Arcade Fire have introduced Reflektor‘s “We Exist” at live shows by saying, “The right to marry anyone you want is a human rights issue,” and the indie-rock giants look beyond sexuality to broader questions of gender identity in their new video for the song. As the slinky, guitar-shattered song, with an old-school bass groove reminiscent of Los Bravos’ 1966 hit “Black Is Black” via Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” plays out on the soundtrack, we see The Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield dress as a woman. He goes to a bar, some bearded guys dance with him, and then he walks through a passage that — rather than lead to Twin Peaks “Black Lodge” — sends the actor to an Arcade Fire set at Coachella. Watch it above, and let’s talk about you and me.