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Watch Arca and Jesse Kanda’s Stomach-Churning ‘Trauma Scene 2’

Arca Jesse Kanda 'Truama Scene 2' Video Harness

When he isn’t busy composing bleak-banging beats for Kanye West (see Yeezus), New York producer Arca is free to be as inspired and terrifying as he wants to be. The Venezuela-born aural architet dropped the wonderfully black &&&&& mix nearly a year ago, but that vile thing continues to deliver creepy gifts — fine, since it’ll still sound ahead of its time a decade from now.

In March we got a music video of sorts for “Knot,” which found experimental filmmaker Jesse Kanda rendering a world of disfigured children locked in synchronized dance. Now, witness scene two of the longer Trauma film, in which Arca’s “Harness” is accompanied by a whole lot of odd mouth movements. Actually, that’s just the beginning. The camera eventually goes past the tongue, but we won’t spoil what it discovers therein.

Bonus: Here’s the full &&&&& again, because it’s so damned good:

And another Arca/Kanda collaboration, from January: