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50 Cent’s Bum Pitch May Have Been a Publicity Stunt

50 Cent First Pitch Masturbation Injury 'Animal Ambition' Video

If you’ve heard 50 Cent’s name a lot this past week, it’s unfortunately not been in reference to his forthcoming fifth LP Animal Ambition—which is due next week. As you may already know 50 tossed out what may have been the absolute worst first pitch of all time before a New York Mets game on Tuesday night, but now there’s some indication that it could have all been a publicity stunt in support of that album and his awful headphone business.

TMZ has video of Fiddy’s warmup pitches, which seem pretty competent, at least in comparison to what he eventually put on display. 50 was on Good Morning America early Friday morning and denied the reports that he was faking, saying that the ball merely “slipped,” with a knowing smile plastered on his face. (Seriously though, can we rename the “shit-eating grin” the “Fiddy”?)

Whether that pitch was real or fake, the Washington Post put together a chart comparing Curtis Jackson’s effort to other notable first pitches. It’s worth noting that 50’s effort appears significantly worse than first pitches from a number of fictional characters, including Charlie Brown, Santa Claus, and Cookie Monster.

Check out the first pitch below.