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Watch the Tijuana Panthers Play Detective in ‘Cherry Street’ Video

All it took was some doughnuts and caution tape to make the Tijuana Panthers want to play detective. In their new video for “Cherry Street,” a skuzzy, guitar-pop track from the band’s forthcoming Wayne Interest release, the group uses their favorite Cherry Street Doughnut shop for the mission. Directed by Ashley and Megan Fenton, the clip opens as a pair of lifeless lips begin to sing with the voice of the trio of singer’s Phil Shaheen, who warns that there’s mischief afoot in the parking lot. As is the case of most crime scenes, Tijuana Panthers play music and set the backdrop as the dumbfounded store owner, uninterested witnesses, and a dazed detective try their hand at making sense of the murders. Guided by some delicious baked treats, the Long Beach trio takes us through the strange, day-glo-tinted mystery. Watch the case of “Who Donut?” unfold above.