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Warpaint Shred With Pro Skaters in Double-Feature Video

Warpaint 'Disco//very' 'Keep It Healthy' Videos

If Warpaint have one thing down, it’s crafting hypnotic songs that simultaneously engross and scare you. Their bewitching ways are on full display in their new video double-feature for “Disco//very” and “Keep It Healthy,” off their excellent self-titled album, directed by Laban Pheidias. For the first song, they walk down a street in the Hollywood Hills, playfully bouncing along while mouthing sickly sweet lyrics like, “We’ll rip you up and tear you in two,” as skateboarder Justin Eldridge rides by. When that song ends, Eldridge then rides to the Griffith Park Ditch as the sun sets, transitioning into the night for the less intimidating “Keep It Healthy.” That portion of the video features a skate session with Patrick Melcher, Kris Markovich, Rob Smith, and Victor Zanoni as the ladies watch and smile.

“We had a simple idea for two videos which would be tied together by skateboarding and Laban was the perfect person to work with, having done cool work with skate visuals for years and being an amazing skater himself,” Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg said in a press release. 

Enjoy the video above, and check out profile on the band, Warpaint on Safari, before they play Coachella this weekend.