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Walter Martin and Matt Berninger Get Wild on ‘We Like the Zoo’

Animal-loving Walkmen and the National pals unite for 'We're All Young Together' track

Erstwhile Walkmen man Walter Martin is prepping a solo album, We’re All Young Together, meant to reflect the sweetness and whimsy of youth. His latest share, a collaboration with the National’s Matt Berninger, may be the most childlike yet. Following his yodel-y duet with Karen O (“Sing to Me”) and his playful ode to/called “The Beatles,” we now get “We Like the Zoo (‘Cause We’re Animals Too).” Over a simple acoustic backing and a number of appropriately animalistic sounds, Martin sings about being wild at heart, and Berninger claims to be all sorts of fauna: “I’m an antelope / And I’m a billy goat / And I’m a porcupine / And I’m a crocodile / And I’m an octopus / And I’m a platypus / And I’m a jaguar / And I’m a grizzly bear.”

Dig the song and the illustrated lyrics below, and pre-order We’re All Young Together before its May 13 release.