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Walter Martin and Matt Berninger Get Wild on ‘We Like the Zoo’

Walter Martin Walkmen Matt Berninger We Like the Zoo We're All Young Together

Erstwhile Walkmen man Walter Martin is prepping a solo album, We’re All Young Together, meant to reflect the sweetness and whimsy of youth. His latest share, a collaboration with the National’s Matt Berninger, may be the most childlike yet. Following his yodel-y duet with Karen O (“Sing to Me”) and his playful ode to/called “The Beatles,” we now get “We Like the Zoo (‘Cause We’re Animals Too).” Over a simple acoustic backing and a number of appropriately animalistic sounds, Martin sings about being wild at heart, and Berninger claims to be all sorts of fauna: “I’m an antelope / And I’m a billy goat / And I’m a porcupine / And I’m a crocodile / And I’m an octopus / And I’m a platypus / And I’m a jaguar / And I’m a grizzly bear.”

Dig the song and the illustrated lyrics below, and pre-order We’re All Young Together before its May 13 release.