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Titus Andronicus Boss Lobs Conspiracy Theories at Courtney Love

Titus Andronicus, Patrick Stickles, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain

Being a fan of Titus Andronicus, Nirvana, and Hole all at once just got a little awkward.

The New Jersey-repping band fronted by Patrick Stickles has given the world many things: the Civil War-themed E Street-punk catharsis of 2010’s The Monitor; the street-fighting scene commentary and deeply personal confessions of 2012’s Local Business; and a whole lot of fist-pump-worthy live shows in between. Stickles even wrote an epic SPIN review of the Replacements’ first show in 22 years. He’s super talented.

The man is a bit more caustic on Twitter, though — okay, maybe more than a bit — and Kurt Cobain’s recently released death-scene note mocking his wedding vows to Courtney Love has led the Titus frontman’s thinking to a dark place. As Stereogum points out, he has accused Love of killing her late husband, or at least faking the prevously seen suicide note. They’re both ugly claims, and we have no truck with either of them.

He wrote:

“Okay, as long as we’re talking, that note that the Seattle cops revealed that Kurt wrote, re: C Love? #OMO it says everything we always knew. lso, I think it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Courtney either, A ) had Kurt killed, or B ) forged fake ‘suicide note,’ ditched real. I also want to go on the record saying that Kurt absolutely 100% wrote the songs on ‘Live Through This,’ ala BIG writing ‘Hardcore’ lyrics. Please don’t forget – #OMO stands for ‘One Man’s Opinion’ #SLINGNEWHASH”

Replies to Twitter followers suggest Stickles isn’t somehow being sarcastic and mocking conspiracy theorists here, though we’re hopeful. He has said Titus Andronicus’ next album will be a rock opera inspired by his struggles with manic depression, a condition he discussed in a recent interview with comedian/podcaster Marc Maron. As for Love, she recently released the snarling “Wedding Day.”

And as for the note, it’s altogether possible it was written by the couple, together, as a joke, any time before or after their actual marriage in February of 1992. Also, it was considered in Seattle PD’s recent revisiting of the case, which through newly unearthed evidence re-confirmed Cobain’s death as a suicide.