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Watch the National’s Matt Berninger Write a ‘Get Lucky’ Ripoff About Chili Orgies

The National Matt Berninger Pete Holmes Show

On their albums, the National come across as some seriously sad bastards. In concert and in interviews, however, they’re actually quite funny and quick-witted. If frontman Matt Berninger didn’t convince you of that with his collaboration with the Walkmen’s Walter Martin, the lovable “We Like the Zoo,” his appearance on TBS’ The Pete Holmes Show definitely will. The host brings up the fact that the National have been very successful without having a pop radio hit, so he and Berninger decide they’re going to write a song with mass appeal in the vein of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” 

It starts off normal enough, with lines about having fun in the club with some rum, then takes quite an interesting turn when Holmes suggests they make the song about a three-way. This inspires Berninger, who says a “three-way” in his native Cincinnati refers to a spaghetti, chili, and cheese dish that’s “both sexual and delicious.” Then, when trying to come up with a rhyme for “‘ghetti,” the singer decides to bring a Yeti to the orgy, and Holmes suggests “I’m ready” as the chorus. The comedian thinks the result is so good that they could probably sell it to Chevy for a jingle, to which Berninger responds, “They’ll probably take out the chili dick stuff in there.” Enjoy the finalized rendition of “Yeti Get Ready” above.