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The Harpoons’ Unwavering Devotion is Palpable in ‘Unforgettable’ Video

harpoons, unforgettable, video

Back in 2012, the Harpoons released Walk Away/Keep You Around, a heartfelt EP full of mixed emotions and soothing beats. Later this year, the Australian pop/R&B outfit will release its debut full-length via Down Under label Two Bright Lakes. Dubbed Falling For You, the upcoming album powered by alluring electronics and a captivating case of unconditional love, as heard on first single “Unforgettable.”

First, though, comes the track’s official video, directed by Annelise Hickey and Ruby Fiedler. While the song boasts handclaps, bongo beats, and heavy, humming synths, the clip features vocalist Bec Rigby, up close and personal, belting out her love-stricken lyrics with her eyes closed. She then appears alongside her bandmates — songwriters and brothers, Henry and Jack Madin, as well as Martin King (beatsmith, singer) — in color-coordinated outfits as they jump and dance in slow motion. Watch the “Unforgettable” visual above.