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See Swim Good ‘Upgrade’ Doing Laundry in New Video

Swim Good doing laundry video upgrade

Washing clothes becomes almost a psychedelic experience in the new video for Swim Good’s “Upgrade.” Premiered over at  Stereogum, the Jakub Blank-directed clip stars Lindsey Plevyak as a young woman killing lonely hours at a laundromat and eventually, why not, curling up inside the machine. The music is sprightly, burbling house, with flickering acoustic guitar and chopped-up vocals — fans of labels like Friends of Friends, Acéphale, Cascine, and Sincerely Yours, take note.

Swim Good is the Frank Ocean-nodding Canadian producer Jon Lawless, who has previously shared “Summer Solstice,” “Act More Stupidly,” and “Sandviken.” More recently, he teamed with S. Carey and Daniela Andrade on “Grand Beach” (via Stereogum). Now would be a good time to head over and contribute to Swim Good’s Kickstarter-fund EP — the deadline is 10:59 p.m. C.D.T. and there’s still $899 (Canadian) to go.