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Lose Yourself to Trance With Little Dragon’s ‘Let Go’

Little Dragon, Let Go

“Our aim is to make music for people to escape into or dance to,” Little Dragon drummer Erik Bodin told SPIN in 2011, right before the release of the Swedish band’s breakthrough album, Ritual Union. The same sentiment applies three years later to the band’s new single, “Let Go,” which finds lead singer Yukimi Nagano cooing over a trance-owing beat that should inspire some, erm, loss of oneself to dance in no time.

The hazy washes of atmosphere and the ebb and flow of the production’s intensity are helped along by hits of harp, robotic rumbling, and hefty bass. In addition to the dazzling “Klapp Klapp,” which the band recently played on Letterman, the track is yet another glimpse into the band’s upcoming fourth album, Nabuma Rubberband.

The LP will be out May 13 in the U.S. via Loma Vista Recordings (for the rest of the world, May 12 by way of Because Music), and fingers are crossed it’ll feature another Big Boi collabo. But, until then, like Adele Dazeem says, “Let Go.”