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Watch RZA Kick Tony Jaa Through a Wall

RZA Tony Jaa 'The Protector 2' Fight Scene

It’s no secret that the RZA loves him some kung fu. Outside of the Wu-Tang Clan, he directed The Man With the Iron Fists, worked on the Kill Bill soundtrack, and played the Blind Master in G.I. Joe Retaliation. His latest filmic pursuit is as a bad guy in The Protector 2, playing “Mr. LC” opposite star Tony Jaa. Fans can get a taste of the action via the fight scene above, which finds RZA kicking Jaa through a few concrete walls and otherwise wielding wooden pallets as weapons.

“You may be number one but you have no fucking idea who you’re dealing with, boy!” he snarls at Jaa. The movie, in which Jaa’s character has to retrieve a stolen elephant, is out now via iTunes and On Demand, and will be in theaters May 2. It’s good to know that RZA has his fighting chops up to par, just in case anyone tries to steal the Wu’s very expensive, one-of-a-kind new album.