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Replacements Enlist Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong For Coachella

The Replacements Billie Joe Armstrong Coachella

Reports from the reunion shows thus far have been relatively tame, but the Replacements may have been up to their old games last night at Coachella. Frontman Paul Westerberg walked to the stage with a cane where a couch was prepared for him, on which he spent most of his band’s second weekend performance. It’s not entirely clear at this point whether Westerberg was actually suffering from an injured back, as some suggest, or if his performance from the couch was a joke. Either way, Replacements acolyte and Green Day main man Billie Joe Armstrong was fortunately on hand (and upright) to pick up the slack caused by Westerberg’s repose. That’s him to Westerberg’s left in a matching ‘Mats suit in the video above. Check out a few clips below (via Slicing up Eyeballs) featuring the Green Day frontman, as well as Westerberg and his sofa.