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Real Estate’s ‘Crime’ Video Brings Westboro Baptist Church, Vampires

Real Estate 'Crime' Video Nick Kroll Andy Daly Tom Scharpling

Funny or Die‘s latest foray into the music world comes in the form of the video for Real Estate’s “Crime.” Directed by former Best Show host Tom Scharpling, it’s a cash grab designed by a fictionalized version of Scharpling played by Andy Daly, the host of Comedy Central’s ReviewAs the Scharpling character explains in an introduction, financial problems led him to sell portions of his artistic control to a few people. Among them: an old man who wants to remember the good times, an Iowa sculptor who wants to show off her work, and a 24-year-old who writes books about vampires who love extreme sports and erotic encounters. For a few extra bucks, “Scharpling” also sold some air time to a Thai restaurant, where the band performs, and the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. In keeping with the label’s demands, there’s one celebrity cameo (Nick Kroll) and four shots of Real Estate’s Atlas album cover. Enjoy the “Crime” video above, learn how to play it on guitar via the band’s own tutorial clip, and read our Real Estate feature profile.