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Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘Smooth Sailing’ Video Deals Drugs, Death

Queens of the Stone Age 'Smooth Sailing' Video Josh Homme

If you happen to run into Josh Homme at Coachella this weekend and he invites you to party, you may want to think twice. Because as Queens of the Stone Age’s brand new “Smooth Sailing” video proves, this man’s version of a good time can also leave some people dead. We won’t spoil all the danger-filled fun for you — there’s plenty to go around — but basic gist of the featurette is as follows. Homme plays a businessman who goes out to dinner with some colleagues, then things turn into an epic shitshow of: booze, karaoke, drugs, thievery, bottle-smashing, arcade games, more drugs, ladies, parking-lot golf, hallucinations, and dead bodies. Think of it like a rock’n’roll version of Peter Berg’s ultra-twisted Very Bad Things, only the action takes place over a single night and doesn’t involve a bachelor party. On the other hand, at least Homme seems to know a good desert spot for hiding a body, if you ever need that.

Enjoy the …Like Clockwork track’s video above.