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Trip With Pyramid Vritra in ‘Spool’ Video

Pyramid Vritra 'Spool' Video Indra Stones Throw

Pyramid Vritra is Hal Williams, the 22-year-old artist who earned his initial shine as the co-founder of Odd Future offshoots the Super 3 and Jet Age of Tomorrow (his production partner Matt Martians went on to form the Internet). He’s also a forklift operator at an unnamed home improvement store in South Los Angeles, but his co-workers don’t know that he raps too. But if any of them stumble across the video above, the man’s cover will be sufficiently blown. Vritra lets his freaky flag fly in the clip for “Spool” directed by Stella Kae and featuring psychedelic animation from Sillypants. While Pyramid sits within a pyramid, he invites us to “sip and trip,” and a series of bizarre visuals involving the man flit across the screen. Pick up the Indra album from Stones Throw.