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Public Enemy Hook BitTorrent Fans Up With iTunes Deal

Public Enemy, "Get Up Stand Up," BitTorrent, iTunes, fan remixes, crowdsourced, bundle

Public Enemy might be taking “peer to peer” to the next level. Last June, the rap legends released new single “Get Up, Stand Up,” as a free BitTorrent Bundle, giving fans the underlying tracks to remix the song. According to a new BitTorrent Blog post, that bundle netted more than a million downloads, out of which sprang 100 new songs. Now Public Enemy are shining a light on the fans: The group has chosen five of the crowdsourced remixes to release as a new EP. 

Public Enemy Presents: Get Up Stand Up | The Remix EP is out today on iTunes. A preview of the EP is also available as a BitTorrent Bundle. The lucky fans are Beau Jestice / Counter Intelligence, Ian De Quadros, Ajay Paul Singh (DJ APS), Jerome “Jay” Bosco, and Tim Raiswell (T/RAZE). Read more on the remixers’ biographies here; Bosco, for one, tells a great story about how Flava Flav saved him from getting beat up during a 1990 PE show.

Watch the video for Public Enemy’s original “Get Up, Stand Up” below.