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Hear Pompeya’s Lively Pop-Funk Ode to ‘Night’

pompeya, night ep

Last year, Pompeya debuted its animated pop-funk with a collection of 12 shimmering tracks appropriately dubbed Tropical. Now, the Moscow-based four-piece is on the cusp of releasing the Night EP, a follow-up that, if its swayable title track is any indicator, will add a mellow freshness to Pompeya’s brand of upbeat, frisky disco. Press the play button below for perky guitar, gentle bass, and a new wavy chorus (“Night will keep you in her eyes / Night will guide you through the stars / Night will always have you / Night will be a friend”) that would fit nicely in an early-’80s Duran Duran track. 

The Night EP is out June 17 via Brooklyn label No Shame, and the “Night” single is available right now on iTunes. Meanwhile, Pompeya are touring North America — scroll down further for details.

Pompeya’s tour dates:

April 23 – Toronto, ON @ The Drake Hotel
April 24 – Montreal, QC @ Cabaret Underworld
April 25 – New York, NY @ DROM