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Watch the Pixies Pick Apart ‘Indie Cindy’ Track by Track

Pixies New Album Indie Cindy Interview

The Pixies are back this week with the release of Indie Cindy, their first album since 1991. For those who’ve forgotten how to enjoy a Pixies record, the alternative-rock trailblazers have released a sort of user’s manual to the record, in the form of a 19-minute, track-by-track interview posted to their YouTube page. The chat largely focuses on the new record’s songwriting process, touching on influences like Eddy Grant and ’50s doo-wop, but dovetails at times into interesting tidbits involving Kim Deal and AC/DC. Mostly, the band’s Black Francis, David Lovering, and Joey Santiago get across the fact that this record was pretty intensely labored over. Check out the video above and, while you’re at it, hear surprise Record Store Day single “Women of War.”