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Read Pharrell’s New Book ‘Inspiration’ … After You Write It

Pharrell Inspiration Book Online Video Bear Hunter

Pharrell has got a new book to sell, and it’ll likely hit physical shelves at some point, but for now, he’s asking fans to literally fill in the blanks. The G I R L guy and Coachella guest-generator has launched a “social book” version of his forthcoming tome, Inspiration. What is that, exactly? Well, it’s a promotional crossover with BIC and Tipp-Ex (that little eraser roller thingy) in which common folks are supposed to guess the words that Pharrell Williams (presumably) wrote.

The video above shows office supplies mascots “The Hunter and the Bear,” who have been tasked with the business of protecting Inspiration from an insatiable mob. But, you see, what happens is, the bear isn’t that bright, and when he tries to secure the manuscript against the prying eyes of the masses, he uses a Tipp-Ex to, ahem, white out every single line. Through a special interactive website, interested parties can rewrite the book using provided clues.

Pharrell has, of late, been doing all kinds of bucket-list-y things, so why not release a second book (and have the world write it for him)? Here he is recording with Johnny Marr, playing Saturday Night Live, working on the new Spider-Man soundtrack, dancing with all of the “girls,” crying on Oprah, performing at the Oscars, working with Major Lazer, and maybe kinda sorta a wee bit ripping off an awesome music video concept by an indie artist.

Dude’s on a roll. Check out his 2012 memoir, Places and Spaces I’ve Been.