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Pharrell Dances With Every Girl Ever in ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Video

Pharrell Williams, "Marilyn Monroe," video

Goodbye, Norma Jean. Helloooooo, nurse. If Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” the chart-topper so far from the Neptunes producer’s sunshine-soul triumph G I R L, after 24 hours or so starts to smack a little bit of warmed-over Cee-Lo, fellow Saturday Night Live selection “Marilyn Monroe” is lithe disco-funk, reminiscent of vintage Michael or recent Timberlake, with an orchestral intro announcing the track as “different.” The song’s new video jumps off from the lyric, “I close my eyes and visions appear,” spiriting away the recently married 41-year-old to a fantasy land where he dances and prances with something like every girl in the world. “Can’t another good boy keep it this thorough,” the man also known as Skateboard P coos, and yup, this video is filled with playfully lascivious attention to detail. Unlike the day-long “Happy” video, it bears basically zero resemblance to 2011 indie flick Girl Walk // Dall Day.