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Scotland’s Clouds Go ‘Dumpster’-Diving Through Perc’s Techno Wreckage

Perc, Dumpster (Clouds Remix), Perc Trax

Let’s hear it for truth in advertising. The British producer Perc came correct when he came up with the titles for his second album, The Power and the Glory: Cuts like “Rotting Sound,” “Lurch,” and “Take Your Body Off” are every bit as brutal as you’d expect, but even his most damaged, perilously overdriven sounds move with an unmistakable grace: It’s earbleed techno at its most elegant.

Now, as part of a remix package also featuring Untold and Tessela, the Scottish duo Clouds dives into Perc’s “Dumpster,” turning what had been an exercise in Millsian repetition into slow-motion techno that’s as atmospheric as it is visceral. The drones nod to the Modern Love label’s steely school of brain-scrubber, and there’s an echo of vintage Autechre in rhythms that chatter like mechanical insects.

Listen to Clouds’ “Dumpster” mix in full below; the EP comes out digitally and on vinyl on April 28 via Perc Trax.