Owen Pallett and Daphni Unite on Glitchy, Pulsing Tracks ‘Julia’ and ‘Tiberius’

Owen Pallett Daphni Dan Snaith 'Julia' 'Tiberius'

Canadian pals Owen Pallett and Daphni (a.k.a. Dan Snaith, a.k.a. Caribou and Manitoba) have joined forces for a forthcoming single that combines their respective talents for violin and electronics. The instrumentals “Julia” and “Tiberius” make up the two sides, and both offer jarring sounds punctuated by Snaith’s rhythms and Pallett’s shrieking strings. It’s certainly not the kind of music that will get Pallett nominated for another Oscar — unless the flick in question is some sort of Fincher-esque thriller. Regardless, listen to “Julia” and “Tiberius” below and stay tuned for more details: the 12-inch single is coming sometime soon via Jiaolong.


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