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OutKast’s Next Coachella Set May Feature Five More Songs

OutKast Coachella Setlist Songs Live Reunion

Outkast’s inaugural reunion set at Coachella wasn’t without its hiccups. As reported, André 3000 and Big Boi’s performance was cut off before it was over, leaving a just-arrived Killer Mike with a microphone in hand, but no electricity to assist. And fans’ reactions were mixed, with some wishing the duo had eschewed the middle third (broken into two solo halves, basically) in favor of cramming in more hits. The Hollywood Reporter brings good news to those critics.

Big Boi spoke briefly to the trade mag at the same Levi’s Haus of Strauss party that saw the debut of Odd Future offshoot DJ Billy Jole. Asked about his and Dre’s return to the stage, Daddy Fat Sax responded, “It’s been good. It’s been fun. It’s been one date so far. A lot of family and friends came out. We just jumped into the deep end of the pool like, ‘Let’s do it!’ Friday is round two and we gotta crank it back up again.”

He went on to discuss tonight’s set: “It might be slightly different. What happened was our set got cut by like five songs. We had to cut ‘Player’s Ball’ and ‘Chronomentrophobia’ because of the time constraints. But there’s probably a couple songs [fans] didn’t hear that they’re gonna hear this time.”

Big Boi also talked aout his newfound love of Majical Cloudz, a forthcoming collaborative album with Phantogram dubbed Big Grams, and his intent to revive the lost songs that he recorded with Modest Mouse. “It’s crazy camp over there,” he said regarding Isaac Brock’s apparent delay in returning the tracks in question. Read the entire story over at THR.