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Nirvana: SPIN’s Original Album Reviews, Collected


A look back at our first impressions of the alt-rock trio's output

On April 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home located just outside of Seattle, Washington. Twenty years later, we're still processing the loss. To mark this sad anniversary, the editors at SPIN have dug into the archives and collected some of our finest coverage on Cobain and Nirvana. We've dusted off early-'90s cover stories that were written when the now-iconic band was new to the Billboard charts; revisited tributes penned in the wake of Cobain's passing; and rounded up photos of the man, his bandmates, and his family members that have populated our pages over the years. Now, we present SPIN's original reviews of some of Nirvana's most beloved recordings, because, after all, it was the music itself that inspired our devotion in the first place.

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