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Lykke Li and A$AP Rocky Find ‘No Rest for the Wicked’

The newest A$AP Rocky collaborator.

The delicate piano-powered start to Lykke Li’s tragic ballad “No Rest for the Wicked” already sounds like it could be the beginning of a J Dilla sample. So as unlikely as the Swedish singer’s recruitment of A$AP Rocky for a remix may look on paper, the team-up actually makes some solid sense. The original hails from Li’s upcoming I Never Learn album (out May 6 in North America and May 5 abroad via LL/Atlantic) and already has a video built around the theme of romantic failure. Even if this version featuring the Harlem MC isn’t going to be on the official release, hearing him rap alongside SPIN’s Next Big Thing of 2011 carries its own odd satisfaction. To listen to the track, make an account with Beats Music, sign in, and hit play. While you’re at it, check out Li’s other hit, “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone.