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FaltyDL Won’t Say Who Luke Warm Is, But We Know Anyway

Luke Warm Instant Vibe Blueberry Records

The latest signing to FaltyDL’s Blueberry Recordings is apparently meant to remain anonymous, so we’ll put it this way: If you carried a bunch of nuggets from a district near Redruth and put them in your wagon (Christ, it’s leaking acid, better plug it) — well, you’d be getting warm. Luke Warm, to be precise.

Luke Warm’s ebullient, alternate-universe disco concoctions are right in keeping with our hero’s mischievous M.O. They’re full of chunky breakbeats, vibrant synthesizers, and cheeky samples pilfered from classic house, rap, disco, and further afield still. Between its beg-borrow-or-steal funk and its sprightly electronic programming, the record makes for a heartfelt tribute to the glory days of Mo Wax and Rephlex alike — as well as a paean to a time when the sample-clearance laws were looser.

Luke Warm’s Instant Vibe EP comes out April 14 and is available for preorder on iTunes now; a vinyl release will follow on April 21.