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Late Guest at the Party Deploy Electro-Pop Stunner ‘Atmosphere’

Late Guest at the Party, repeater, atmosphere

Back in 2011, Italian synth-pop quartet Late Guest at the Party left their scenic, seaside hometown of Rimini for (where else?) Brooklyn. Since then, they have been hard at work on a new batch of jittery thumpers dubbed Repeater. Set to be self-released on July 15, the upcoming LP is preoccupied with the thrilling-but-draining sensation of living in a crowded, kinetic city, as heard on the just-dropped single “Atmosphere.”

Pounding bass rumbles throughout the tense “Atmosphere,” and glitchy synths tease one moment, then appease the next by morphing into a soft, high-pitched hum. Meanwhile, producer/lead singer Caleb Shreve remains self-possessed as he delivers the keep-calm-and-carry-on chorus: “We’re all cut the same / Gone before we came / All the planets wanted space / Don’t worry about the taste, can’t change it anyway / Everyone’s afraid of nothing.” Dive into “Atmosphere” below.