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Watch Kids Try and Fail to Use a Walkman for the First Time

'Kids React' series has these young'uns toy with portable cassette players

You’re either about to feel really old or really dismissive of kids these days. The ongoing video series “Kids React” had a group of children fiddle with walkmen for the first time, and the results are hilarious and vaguely depressing.

Upon seeing the devices, the tiny humans look as though they’ve been handed an ancient relic that belongs in a museum, and almost all of them don’t recognize that these things are used to play cassettes. In fact, it appears that many of them don’t even realize what cassettes are. And, once it’s all explained, the kids are given old-school headphones, to which one kid responds, “My grandpa has these!” (Seriously.)

Most of the twerps scoff at the walkman, given its weight and the fact that you need another item (the fabled cassette tapes) for it to even work. Though, to be fair, one kid, Maxim, points out that with iPads, you have to get online and still need to hit a bunch of buttons before you can listen to music. You’re cool, Maxim.

Watch the whole clip above (via Stereogum) and wonder if you were such an entitled brat when you were their age. Then shake your head at the fact that those things actually cost $200 in ’80s and ’90s money. Sorry, mom and dad.