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‘Portlandia’ Casts Josh Homme as Carrie Brownstein’s Sloppy Gay Brother

'Portlandia' Enlists Josh Homme as Carrie Brownstein's Sloppy Gay Brother

This season of Portlandia has been top notch when it comes to musician cameos. St. Vincent showed up twice to give advice to a tax lawyer and battle the series’ resident studio snob; TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe helped Carrie Browstein maneuver a blind date; and Jello Biafra awoke from a coma to find himself in present-day yuppie hell. The latest rock star to show up in IFC’s bizarro hipster world is Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, who plays himself with a twist: He’s actually Brownstein’s gay brother and he’s bringing his new boyfriend (comedian Nick Swardson) home to meet her. Unfortunately for Brownstein and Fred Armisen, Homme is a “disappointing gay,” in that he’s a Jägermeister-loving bro who makes a complete mess of their house when he isn’t frequenting ESPN Zones. Watch the clip above from the April 18 episode to see how this awkward situation is resolved. Thankfully for everyone involved, it’s a lot better than what happpened to Homme and his pals in QOTSA’s “Smooth Sailing” video.