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Hear JODY’s Mirage-Like ‘Oasis’

JODY, "Oasis," the-Drum, Chicago

JODY sit along an auspicious, purple-ish Chicago intersection. The leftfield R&B quintet involves beat-deconstructing production duo the-Drum, and it’s also aligned with SPIN Best New Artists alums Supreme Cuts, who brought JODY onstage to rescue their Lollapalooza 2013 set after a technical malfunction. The futuristic, slo-mo grooves of the-Drum-produced new track “Oasis” (via The Fader) sprawl out further along that heady axis; with its pitched-up vocal effects, distant saxophone, and hypnotic vocal hook, it could be a fine selection for a prospective sequel to Solange’s late-2013 Saint Heron compilation. Appropriately enough, it turns out the track is set for a comp introducing the-Drum’s own Lo Motion label; the set will also reportedly feature tracks by Dre Green, Boody, the GTW, Jeremiah Meece, Beng Fang, Ando (the-Drum’s Brandon Boom), Rahel, Khallee (of JODY), and, naturally, the-Drum. JODY were SPIN Best New Artists picks last year themselves, but here’s further proof they’re more than just a novelty, like, say, a rose that blooms in the desert, or a warm spring day after a brutal Illinois winter. Though those things sound nice, too.