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Interactive Map Shows America’s Music Preferences by Genre

Rock is still No. 1, but rap, country, and EDM defy regional stereotypes

Earlier in 2014, a music technology firm called the Echo Nest shared a series of maps tracking American music tastes. One showed each state’s most popular music not popular elsewhere, another showed each state’s favorite artists, and another showed each state’s most ignored artists. Those maps showed an unusual level of interest, and in March the company announced it was being acquired by Spotify. Now comes an interactive map of U.S. tastes by genre. Online real estate broker Movoto came up with the map by developing scores based on data from the National Endowment of the Arts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, plus state-level music preferences from Wikipedia.

Though you might think each region’s favorite music genre would be commonsense — Nashville loves country, and so on — the map does make for fun perusing. For instance, while rock was the leading choice in most regions, it had the tighest lock on Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, and New Orleans. Big cities in Nevada, Florida, and Texas listed country as their favorite genre after rock. EDM is everywhere, and rap does well in Minneapolis and Seattle along with historically rap-centric cities like New York and Los Angeles. And so on.

Check out the interactive version of the “All-American Music Map” here, and see the individual maps below. (Red reflects the highest concentration of music popularity, and green the least.)

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Alternative map


Bluegrass map


Blues map


Country map


Electronic map


Folk map


Gospel map


Indie map


Jazz map


Latin map


Metal map


Pop map


Punk map


R&B map


Rap map


Rock map


Soul map

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