Hear Hunterchild’s R&Beats Fantasy, ‘Time Traveling Lover’

Hunterchild 'Time Traveling Lover' Stream

Before Luke Aaron Jones and Marty Sprowles were Hunterchild, they played in Bloomington’s Dreamers of the Ghetto. But when Jones and their bandmate went through a divorce, the group came to a close and a more pared-down vision was born. The two find more intimate footing here — the arena-ready breadth of a former life gives way to an R&Beats rebirth on “Time Traveling Lover,” where a surging beat and falsetto vocals reign supreme. “I fantasize about ya, thinking ’bout your body next to mine,” Jones coos. “I’m only dreamin’ but I want to feel you real, real life.” The rest of us will be able to feel the Hunterchild LP in real life on May 13 via Temporary Residence Ltd., though iTunes pre-order is up now.


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