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Hear Plague Vendor’s Raucous ‘Breakdance On Broken Glass’

Plague Vendor

Los Angeles’ Plague Vendor sure know how to make a memorable entrance. On the band’s piledriving single “Breakdance on Broken Glass,” shards fly and headbangers’ hair flys as the group squeals and proceeds to smash everything in sight. Although the song is a short burst of activity — it clocks in at well below two minutes — the punk-driven number is resonant long after it whirs to a stop. “‘Breakdance on Broken Glass’ is about the kind of stuff older kids would tell me when I was younger about growing up,” says drummer Luke Perine. “Their advice, for better or for worse, definitely made you learn something.”

The band’s forthcoming record Free To Eat is out April 15th on Epitaph Records. Preorder the album over at Kings Road Merch and listen to “Breakdance on Broken Glass” below.