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Watch Hamilton Leithauser Play His Entire ‘Black Hours’ Album

Hamilton Leithauser Black Hours Live Stream Walkmen

Erstwhile Walkmen boss Hamilton Leithauser is performing his entire new album at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan on Wednesday, April 16, at 7:30 p.m. ET. That wouldn’t be very useful information to virtually anyone reading this article right now, except for the fact that he’s streaming the whole thing live via YouTube and Vulture. Hit play above to see where he’s at in the Black Hours track list. As of publish time, he was running a little late.

In related news, the Walkmen’s “Heaven” wound up the scoring the swan song episode of the recently wrapped How I Met Your Mother. Also, while Leithauser has been sharing videos for songs such as “11 O’Clock Friday Night” and “Alexandra,” his former bandmates have been busy as well. Walter Martin, for instance, wrote a perfect children’s song about the Beatles. And Peter Matthew Bauer’s got his “Latin American Ficciones.”