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Revisit Classic Album Covers in Google Street View

Google Street View album covers PJ Harvey, Eminem, Oasis, the Streets, Bob Dylan, the Beatles

See, kids, Google Street View isn’t just for spying on Wayne Coyne anymore (or interactive Arcade Fire videos, either). All you need is to know the address where a landmark album cover photograph was taken to see what that site looks like today. Above, we’ve done our best to recapture the intersection on New York’s Lower East Side that won’t be renamed Beastie Boys Square anytime soon, despite achieving immortality on the cover of the rappers’ 1989 Paul’s Boutique. The Street View ninjas over at The Guardian have done a beautiful job revisiting the scenes of that album as well as revered LPs by PJ Harvey, Eminem, Oasis, the Streets, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and more. Check them out here, and let us know what they’re missing in the comments or on social media.

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