Awesome AT&T Ad Now Features Kids Singing Future’s ‘You Deserve It’

See Kids Sing Future's 'You Deserve It' in Hilarious AT&T Roundtable Ad

As far as ad campaigns go, AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” series featuring SNL player Beck Bennett moderating a roundtable of adorable kids is pretty much the best. As it turns out, even the commercials that didn’t make it to the air are hilarious. In a new spot unveiled by, Bennett asks the children if he should get a slow car or a fast car, and of course they answer “fast.”


“Because, man, you deserve it,” replies a bespectacled blonde kid, before he and his classmates bust into the chorus of Future’s Pluto closer “You Deserve It.” They flail wildly about in slow motion as the track plays, while Bennett soaks in the message, realizing that he does, in fact, deserve a speedy ride. It’s good to know that, like Wu-Tang before him, Future is for the children. Enjoy the commercial while you wait for Future to release Honest.


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