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Hear Future and Kanye West’s Trophy Collaboration ‘I Won’

Future, Kanye West, "I Won," 'Honest'

Future’s Honest is stacked with high-profile guests, and the latest track to surface from the April 22 album features one of the biggest. Kanye West joins the Atlanta rapper-singer on “I Won,” a warm, gooey, ecstatic riff on the notion of “I won me a trophy” as high praise for the artists’ romantic partners rather than so much objectifying chauvinism (fittingly, there’s a “Bound 2” reference). Hype Williams will direct the song’s upcoming video. According to the most authoritative source, “trophy wife” is sometimes synonymous with “gold digger” — which only figures, right? From Future recently, we’ve also heard a Future Islands mash-up, along with “I Can’t Believe (Moving On),” “Good Morning,” “Covered N Money,” “Move That Dope,” and “Anytime” — the last of which is a sumptuous team-up with Ciara, with whom he’s expecting a child.