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Watch Future Islands’ Outstanding Coachella Debut

Future Islands, Coachella 2014

With an upbeat, irrepressible 50-minute set, Future Islands file as one of the best acts SPIN saw at Coachella on Saturday. “This is fucking beautiful, man, goddamn,” main man Sam Herring told the crowd last night as he jumped around, got on his knees, and danced across the stage. The boys from Baltimore have never played Coachella before, but they had no problem running through tracks old and new. When the synth-loving punks weren’t reviving material that dates back to 2006, they were highlighting material from this year’s enthralling Singles, including the hit “Seasons (Waiting On You).” And again: There’s a reason why David Letterman loved them so much. Watch what Herring and the rest of the band do best above, spot the set list below, and check out all of SPIN’s Coachella 2014 coverage.

Future Islands at Coachella 2014 set list:

“Inch of Dust”
“Before the Bridge”
“A Dream of You and Me”
“Tin Man”
“Seasons (Waiting On You)”
“Walking Through That Door”
“Long Flight”
“Vireo’s Eye”