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Plan Your 2014 Festival Binge With This Interactive Map

Festival Planner

Say you live in Dallas, Texas. This summer, you really want to see OutKast, the Strokes, Sleigh Bells, and Chance the Rapper in concert, but you don’t know how much that’ll injure your bank account. And you already missed Coachella (here are some photos, though). Well, this is the reason Hopper’s interactive festival planner was made. Simply enter your homebase’s airport and the artists you want to see in the fields at the top of the page. The map will then provide you with info on the cheapest festivals that feature your preferred artists, and the price of the airfare that’ll get you there.

In addition to SPIN’s Festlove 2014 festival primer, the map works well with the All-American Music Map, which shows you where your region’s musical tastes lie. So even if Dallas’s favorite music is country, you’ll know exactly how to escape. In other words, Governors Ball in New York for $546 — $266 for the 3-day pass, $296 for the plane ticket to JFK.