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New Elliott Smith Documentary Trailer Recalls Happier Times

Elliott Smith documentary Heaven Adores You

An Elliott Smith movie three years in the making will finally have its premiere May 5 at the San Francisco International Film Festival, and you can preview a little more of it. Heaven Adores You, a documentary about the late singer-songwriter, began with a Kickstarter campaign in 2011, and we’ve already seen one trailer from the project. The film will include unreleased recordings as well as never-before-seen video and photos of Smith. Now Pitchfork points to the teaser above, with audio, video, and photos of the artist.

“The less I think about it the happier I am,” Smith’s voice can be heard saying. “I don’t really care where I fit into anything or if there’s anything to fit into. It’s just, I like music, you know? That’s the thing. It’s very uncomplicated.” As for what brought him to Portland, Oregon, he says, “I just moved up there when I was a kid.”

Smith continues in the clip, speaking in calm, measured tones: “They’re songs. It’s not supposed to be like a diary or a speech or anything. They’re just kind of little pictures made out of words.”

It’s worth watching the full trailer, if only to see footage of Smith wearing a Steve Martin T-shirt. For more of the man’s music, here are 97 concerts you can download.